Co mam zrobic jak wyswietla mi sie blad a potem w pomocy microsoftu to:

Error caused by ATI Graphics Driver: no specific solution found

Thank you for submitting an error report.

Problem description

An unknown error occurred in ATI Graphics Driver, created by ATI® Technologies, Inc.


ATI® Technologies, Inc is currently not aware of a specific solution for the problem that you reported. Below is a list of recommendations to take that may help prevent the problem from recurring.

   1. Download and install an updated ATI Graphics Driver from one of the following locations:

      Microsoft Update

      ATI® Technologies, Inc

   2. If an updated driver is not available, check with your computer manufacturer.

   3. If you are running the latest version of ATI Graphics Driver, please contact ATI® Technologies, Inc for your support options.

Additional information

    * If this problem continues to occur with the latest product updates for ATI Graphics Driver we highly recommend you obtain assistance and troubleshooting information directly from ATI® Technologies, Inc.

    * If you are not familiar with ATI Graphics Driver and you are questioning how the program was installed on your computer, it is possible that the program was installed with another program. If you do not know why ATI Graphics Driver is running, many programs configure themselves to start automatically every time you turn on your computer.

pls help :slight_smile:

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