Dostałem dziwnego e-maila

(Kuba Windows) #1


Kilka dni temu dostałem dziwnego maila. O co w nim chodzi? Dziwny tytuł, dziwna treść... Czy tu jest jakiś wirus czy coś?

Poniżej oryginalny tekst wiadomości:

From: W-a-r-e-Z 

Date: 07-04-2008 17:48

Subject: Don't fall for this hoax!

To:,, David Rogers ,,,,,

Do a little research before sending a fake virus report to a *****programmer*****? Seriously.

Definition of "E-Mail Hoax" Courtesy of (Norton Site): "Hoaxes usually arrive in the form of an email. Please disregard the hoax emails - they contain bogus warnings usually intent only on frightening or misleading users. The best course of action is to merely delete these hoax emails"

The E-Mail below this section is a variation of the above linked hoax, notice that the name of the writer of this fake virus is "Life Owner," and the name is "Life is Beautiful." See any similarities?

SNOPES IS AN URBAN LEGENDS SITE. Why would a valid virus be on an urban legends site?

Second, scripts have been disabled in E-Mails for this exact reason. The I LOVE YOU virus used a script to instantly lock up your computer the instant you viewed it. It traveled around the world in less than a minute. It shut down businesses and entire infrastructures in some cases. Therefore, all scripts no longer run in E-Mails, and the only way to catch a virus is now to download it manually.

To everyone who has E-Mailed the below junk letter in the past to their friends and family, or other letters of the same type, please send this on to them (If you want to, this isn't a stupid chain letter) to show them that they were tricked into being scared of a non-existant virus.

My advice to everyone who gets these "hoax virus" chain letters: Stop fowarding them to your friends and reply to them saying the letter is fake. This needs to stop.


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----- Original Message ----

From: Ben Piven-Kehrle 

To: W-a-r-e-Z 

Sent: Sunday, April 6, 2008 9:31:36 AM

Subject: Fwd: FW: A real, new Computer Virus

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: Rachel Piven-Kehrle 

Date: Apr 5, 2008 9:51 PM

Subject: FW: A real, new Computer Virus

To: Ben Piven-Kehrle 

From: Chris Adler [mailto]

Sent: Saturday, April 05, 2008 9:30 PM

To: Nancey Sheppard; Rachel Piven-Kehrle; Alex Greenwood; rbambach; Michelle Antonecchia

Subject: A real, new Computer Virus

This one is actually true. I checked it on Snopes...


             Anyone-using Internet mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL and so on.

            This information arrived this morning, Direct from both Microsoft and


            Please send it to everybody you know who has access t o the Internet.

            You may receive an apparently harmless e-mail titled "Mail Server Report"

            If you open either file, a message will appear on your screen saying:

            'It is too late now, your life is no longer beautiful.'

            Subsequently you will LOSE EVERYTHING IN YOUR PC, And the person who

            sent it to you will gain access to your name, e-mail and password.

            This is a new virus which started to circulate on Saturday afternoon.

            AOL has already confirmed the severity, and the anti virus software's

            are not capable of destroying it.

            The virus has been created by a hacker who calls himself 'life owner'.



            I checked with Snopes and it's real.

You rock. That's why Blockbuster's offering you one month of Blockbuster Total Access, No Cost.

You rock. That's why Blockbuster's offering you one month of Blockbuster Total Access, No Cost.



(Patryk94) #2

Wygląda na spam albo wirus. Lepiej to usuń

(Kisielek) #3

słowo "warez" w adresie zwrotnym nie wróży ani niczego legalnego ani bezpiecznego

Czy jest w tym mailu coś co cię interesuje? Jak nie to go usuń i po sprawie.

(Wzaerreazw) #4

I nie pisać warez lub użyć go, że jest E-Mail wysłałem do mojego przyjaciela, aby go zatrzymać wysyłanie do mnie śmieci wirusa ostrzeżenia. Bardzo przepraszam, nie miał żadnego pomysłu chciał przekazać ją. Ona nie ma nic wspólnego z wirusów lub spamu, po prostu usuń ją. Tłumaczenie przez google.

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(Kuba Windows) #5

Buahahaha xD Co on napisał? Napisał ten spam do mnie żeby do niego spamu nie wysyłali?

(Wzaerreazw) #6

Idiotyzm nie tłumaczą dobrze, przepraszam za bump...