NFS i samochody

(Arcy 1337) #1

Zastanawiam się czy można dogrywać jakieś samochody do nfs znalazłem jakies ferrari ale nie wiem jak je wgrać, czy może ktoś dać linka do jakiejś www z samochodami i instrukcją wgrywania ich ??

(Cds A) #2

jakie pliki masz w tym folderze z ferrari :?:

(Arcy 1337) #3

tylko install.exe i radme.txt



You have just downloaded the world's first community created 

custom car modification for NFSMW. It is recommended that you 

read this readme file completely before proceeding.

In order to use this mod, you will require version 1.3 of NFSMW.

If you haven't patched your game at any time, you are still

running version 1.2. You can download the 1.3 patch from:

Run install.exe to install NFSMW Mod Loader and the Ferrari 360 

Spider Mod. You can launch the game by using the "Need for 

Speed™ Most Wanted (Mod Loader)" shortcut on your desktop or in 

your start menu under the regular NFSMW start menu folder. If 

you launch the game with the regular "Need for Speed™ Most 

Wanted" shortcut, the Mod Loader will be disabled, and none of

the installed mods will be loaded. None of the game-related files

are replaced by installing this mod.

The Ferrari 360 Spider mod works by replacing an existing car

in the game. The car which the mod replaces is the Mercedes SL65.

To select this car, navigate to the "Bonus Cars" screen and 

select it. If you do not have the Black Edition version, you may 

be required to finish certain portions of the game before the car

will be unlocked. Alternatively, you can download a 100% complete

save game to use the mod.

Windowed Mode


NFSMW Mod Loader uses a custom "d3d9.dll" file to perform its 

functions. If you are using Loque's Windowed Mode Mod, the 

d3d9.dll provided by Windowed Mod will be replaced by the one 

in NFSMW Mod Loader. To re-enable your Windowed Mode you can 

edit "modloader.ini" in your NFSMW directory and set Windowed 

to 1.

Online Mode


Online mode is disabled when running Mod Loader to prevent players

using Mod Loader to "cheat" in online games by using custom cars. 

Please run the regular non Mod Loader version of NFSMW to use 

Online Mode.

Known Bugs



 - Speed breaker mode may not have any engine sounds.

 WON'T FIX (Minor)

 - The front headlights appear a little further away from their 

   actual position. This was done to prevent a different bug.



- "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000005)"

   If you get this error, it probabbly means that you are 

   running Windows XP SP2 and have "Data Execution Prevention" 

   enabled for all applications or enabled on the processor 

   hardware level. You need to disable DEP for "speed.exe" in 

   order to use this mod as certain code in the game needs to 

   be dynamically modified for Mod Loader to work.

   1. Right click on My Computer, choose Properties

   2. Look for the "Advanced" tab and click on it

   3. Find the "Settings" button in the "Performance" section

   4. Select the "Data Execution Prevention" tab.

   5. Ensure that the first option is selected. If you want 

      the second option to be selected, you can try adding 

      NFSMW's speed.exe to the exception list.

   6. Click on OK.

Some Comments


Although an attempt was made for 100% accuracy, this mod may 

not correctly depict a Ferrari 360 Spider. This is a result of 

months of work in reverse engineering various components of the 

game, and thus, we do not have the ability to fine tune every 

aspect of the car unlike its developers.

The Ferrari 360 Spider 3D model and textures were obtained from 

NFS Hot Pursuit 2. No permission was obtain under an assumed 

understanding that this modification will only help promote 

another EA game. Some modifications were made to the model to

import it into Most Wanted.

A special thanks to the Software Engineers at Electronic Arts 

Black Box for a wonderful game engine.

Programs Used

(Arekdbz) #4

mógłbyś podać linka do tego ferrari ?? :slight_smile:

(Kkorniak) #5

oczywiscie chodzi o nfs mw :stuck_out_tongue: tez znalazlem to ferrari i niestety tez nie wiedzialem jak je wgrac :frowning: i nadal nie wiem :smiley:

ale podobno jest tak ze wsadzasz go jako nowy profil a pozniej jakos go otwierasz podczas gry (kariery) :stuck_out_tongue: niestety wiecej nie pomoge :-x

(Arekdbz) #6

niech ktoś poda linka do tego ferrari!! :smiley:

(Raiden77) #7 ... s9&id=6617

(use the power of google!)

(Mop Daniokloc) #8

Ja kiedyś ściągnełem paczke aut w formie exe. Zainstalowałem i zamiast 32 mam 50 :wink:

p.s. chyba gdzieś z tąd, poszukajcie tu

(Przemeksalega) #9

Czesc wszystkim :smiley: !!

Mowię prosto z mostu, ponieważ potrzebuję programu Mod Loader (instalowanie wozów w NFS MW).

Takze jezeli będziecie mogli podajcie link. Proszę (DZIEKUJE)