Regulacja prędkości Benklin 5d7634-4 na portach LAN

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Wie ktoś jak ustawić prędkość ściągania na poszczególnych portach LAN (1...4) ? W Q0S-ie ? To jest w ukrytych stronach routera. Weszłem na ukrytą stronę ale za chiny ludowe nie mogę tego ustawić . Poniżej coś po Angielsku.


The bandwidth gap between LAN and WAN may significantly degrade performance of critical network applications, such as VoIP, gaming, and VPN.This QoS function allows users to classify traffic of applications and provides them with differentiated services (Diffserv). More Info

Enable or disable QoS module function > Enable Disable

Diffserv Forwarding Groups :

Below shows the Diffserv forwarding behaviors this router supports. User can further configure the bandwidth allocation of each forwarding behavior.

Name Description Priority Bandwidth Allocation


Allow More

BE Best Effort forwarding Lowest %

AF1x Assured Forwarding, provides delivery of packets in four independently forwarded AF classes. Within each AF class, an IP packet can be assigned one of three different levels of drop precedence. Low

High %

AF2x %

AF3x %

AF4x %

EF Expedited Forwarding, is intended to provide low delay, low jitter and low loss delivery of packets. Highest

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