Samolot w Vice City

(Playstop) #1

Jak zainstalować taki samolot (to jego kod):


*you need dmagic's wheel mod installed*

When you unzip the file you will find:







Tools needed:

imgtool v1.3

colleditor by Steve M.

*Be sure you got rid of the read-only problem*

*Always make backups*


1) In gta3.img delete the missle.dff, hunter.dff, hunter.txd.

then add missle.dff, hunter.dff, hunter.txd from the

using imgtool zip file then rebuild the archive.

2) Open up your handling.cfg using your notepad and replace the line hunter with the ff.


in handling:

HUNTER 10000.0 4.00 7.00 3.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 -1 0.65 0.90 0.50 1 300.00 50.00 4 P 5.00 0.50 0 30.00 1.50 0.10 0.40 0.00 99000 0.20 -0.15 0.50 0.00 28003 0 1

in plane/heli data(located near the botom):

HUNTER 0.6000 0.85 -0.00080 0.014 0.15 0.0060 3.000 0.0060 3.0000 0.500 0.006 0.9985 0.805 0.795 0.990 0.0 0.0 300.0

3) Open up your default.ide using you notepad and replace the line 155 with the ff.


155, hunter, hunter, car, HUNTER, HUNTER, null, ignore, 10, 7, 2ff0, 248, 0.64

4) Using Steve M's colleditor open up your vehicles.col(located at models\coll folder)

and replace hunter with hunter.col included in the zip.

Okay that's it your done and have fun!

Added features:


-better collision box

-engine vent problem fixed (now, the two vents spins properly)

-front wheel problem fixed (the wheel is missing in the unconverted version)



Please note that I am not claiming this file as mine but as the converter and the one that

added the other features.

This vehicle is made by for GTA3.

(Ford Fokus) #2

Zainstaluj Dmagic`s Wheel Mod ( jest na i ściągnij IMGTool 1.3 znajdź pliki gta3.img i gta3.txd i odznacz "tylko do odczytu" IMGToolem uruchom gta3.img i tam znajdź i podmień "hunter.dff" i "missle.dff" potem zapisz, uruchom gta3.txd podmień hunter.txd ściągnij colleditor i znajdź plik car.col i podmień hunter.col - chyba nie jest to wymagane, jak nie umisz nie rób zrób kopie zapasowe, bo nie każde auto działa

(Playstop) #3

thx ford_focus