Aikido3d - jak włączyc?

(Leon27wolf) #1

Witam. Jak włączyć program aikido 3d? do instalacji jest opis ale po angielsku i nie rozumie za bardzo punktu 6. Prosze o pomoc.

Tekst instrukcji:

Instructions to change your hardware fingerprint:

-Install Aikido 3D

-Install and activate WinHex (setup files and kg provided)

-Launch WinHex, go to Tools, Open RAM, scroll down to the Aikido 3D entry, expand it and select Entire Memory. Accept.

-Go to Search, Replace Hex Values. Leave it open for now.

-Launch Akido 3D and proceed to the activation window. Copy your hardware fingerprint which is a combination of digits and letters, 8 in all.

-In the WinHex search field, enter your hardware fingerprint, REVERSING THE ORDER OF THE PAIRS, STARTING WITH THE LAST ONE! EXAMPLE: 26CD1C7A becomes 7A1CCD26

-Enter the resulting value in the "Search for" field

-In the "Replace with" field enter 47CD1C77 and proceed.

-Close WinHex and go back to the Aikido 3D activation dialog

-Enter the name Francisco Bonilla and the key 0KMDEK-QY5CXH-YR0K0J-29N86B

-That's it. You're done. Good luck in Hollywood! wink.gif