Doom 3 i mod highres_textures /problem z instalacją

(Lilchris) #1

Witam chciałbym zainstalować mod go gry doom 3 highres_textures, mod ten zamienia standardowe tekstury na tekstury w wyższej rozdzielczości 1024x1024.

Mam problem, nie wiem jak go zainstalować. Co prawda mam plik readme ale i tak nie wiem jak zainstalować tą modyfikację gry :cry:

Poniżej podaje zawartośc pliku readme :

HighRes 200x100 Jumbo Size Models Textures v1.4 !


v1.4	- Fixed Description.txt file.

	- Updated & fixed docs.

	- Added 200% converted bigger size E3 Alpha models textures.

	- Changed mod name to HighRes Textures to reflect that this mod is not 

limited to 1024x bigger sized textures, but to increase the size to 200% for all 

model textures !

v1.3	- Removed almost all non model textures because of the non correct ALPHA 


	- Added all md5 anim from Enhanced Models mod by EvilEngine.

v1.2	- Removed some transparent textures, fixed some models.

	- TheRealSceneGraphManager for the new high-res. skin textures 

made by himself for many character models.

v1.1 - Increased size for generic textures, not only models, but this caused 

many artifacts because of many textures requiring a correct ALPHA.

v1.0 - Original release by Saducimus.

	- Included.: Archvile, Bruiser, Cherub, Forgotten, Hellknight, Imp, Lost Soul, 

Maggot, Mancubus, Pinky, Revenant, Trite, Vagary, Wraith, Zsec, Bernie, Boney, 

Commando, Fatty, Hazmat, Morgue, Sawyer, Zombies.

	- Missing.: Cacodemon & Tick are not included. Doom3 didn't like increased Caco 

size, and I didn't care enough about Ticks to mess with them.


Originally built by Saducimus, now, fully fixed and updated for all 

D3 & ROE models by Dafama2k7.


I have been forced to remove many of the non model textures, i have not been 

able to filter and remove specific translucent .dds's that get's solid when 

converted directly from .tga 32bits to .dds 24bits because something is losed 

in between the translation, mhh, but i think that i may have found a way to 

fix this in the great latest XnView graphic show and conversion program that i 

use it for converting and viewing between different graphic file formats.

This mod increases the size of all texture models to 200%.

The skins have only been increased in size, not modified in any other

way. I encourage you to use this as a base for your own skins. You 

will LOVE the amount of higher detail possible.


The best is to drop this mod folder to D3 root directory and select the mod 

from the mods list, but also can be used by dropping the .pk4 files into the base and/or d3xp, or 

to any mod folder for Q4.

You will notice a big detail difference when in-game, 

and really seeing the advantage of having larger skin sizes.


- This is absolutely needed to be in the Autoexec.cfg to see the difference in size.

    seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1" // 1024x dds

    seta image_useCompression "1" // 1024x dds



Thank you TheRealSceneGraphManager for the new high-res. skin textures 

made by himself for many character models.

Thank you EvilEngine for making such an awesome mod called Enhanced Models.

Z góry dziękuje za za pomoc.

Pozdrawiam LilChris \:D/