Evolve Mars tv dvb-t na windows 7HP ?

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mam taki problem mam Evolve Mars Tv Dvb-t i mam windows7HP, sterowniki i program wgrałem czemu mi niedziała pomocy, mieszkam kierunek tarnowskie góry (śląsk) ?


spróbuj podłączyć na innym porcie, odinstalować zainstalowane oprogramowanie, następnie restart i po restarcie instalujesz program / program + sterowniki i potem podłącz.


I cannot tune in any DVB-T channels with automatic tuning:

  1. Check that your area is covered by the DVB-T signal.
  2. Make sure that the DVB-T signal is good enough. If yes, try to move the DVB-T antenna closer to a window and repeat the automatic tuning.
  3. Check that your DVB-T antenna is correctly inserted and secured to the USB tuner.
  4. Check that you have selected the correct broadcast country in the Total Media software initial setting.
  5. Try to use an outdoor antenna and repeat the automatic search.

I have found less DVB-T channels than the last time I had launched the Total Media program.

  1. Maybe, you moved or relocated your DVB-T antenna.
  2. Weather can also affect the reception of TV signal. For example, when it rains or snows, reception sensitivity can be reduced.
  3. Some changes on operator side may occur. Try the automatic tuning again to find TV stations.

While watching, the screen suddenly went black or “froze”.

  1. TV signal reception got worse, see paragraph 2 above.

Remote control does not work.

  1. Check the battery (-ies) in the remote control.
  2. The distance between the EVOLVEO tuner and the remote control should not be longer than 5 meters.
  3. Point the remote control precisely on the EVOLVEO USB tuner. The pointing angle is important as well.

The picture is “choppy”.

  1. Check that your computer meets the system requirements (see the introduction).