GTA SA samochody pomoc w przetłumaczeniu

(Loveall) #1

Chc em przerobić samochód z gta Vice city do san andreas ale nie wiem do końca jak to zrobić bo instrukcja jest po angielsku pomożecie mi??

  1. Boot up 3D Studio Max, in case you did'nt do that already. Note that Kam's SA DFF Script is required, you can get it here.

  2. Click the "Import DFF" Button, and select any GTA3 or VC DFF you'd like to convert for San Andreas. Make sure you did'nt change the Scale-Value, or at least use the same scale for exporting the model. I choose Yazu's Ferrari 360 Modena.

  3. Basically, this does'nt need any tweaking. But later you will notice that the wheels are too big. Scale 'em down a bit, whatever. I'll export the model without any changes.

  4. Hit Ctrl+A to select everything, and then open the Export DFF Rollout. Check "SA", check whether the Scale is correct (same as import scale) and select MMC to get carcols compatibility (MMC is Modulate Material Color, know from ZModeler as [prim] and [sec]). The Boxes "UV" and "Nor" should be checked by default, they're responsible for the UV Mappings (the textures) and the Normals of the model. In case your model includes Vertex colors, check VCol too. (Cars don't use this normally, since they're dynamically lit. But other models such as buildings might need this -- ashdexx)

  5. A very important part, and Kam's script will tell you to do that. In case you forget to set a valid COL3 Collision Definition File, you get a nice Error Message. Click the "COL3 Model" Button and select either a valid COL file only containing a single Collision Mesh, or a existant SA DFF Model (from gta3.img), preferably matching the shape of your car. I'm going to use infernus.dff.

  6. To finally export the car, hit "Export DFF" and watch the Script work. This might take some time, but the script is still beta - don't expect super speed :wink:

  7. We would be done yet, if SA did'nt have texture compression on by default. Therefore we need to compress the TXD file to make it work. Boot up TXD Workshop (3.5 or latest version), and load the existing TXD.

8.Select "SAN ANDREAS" as TXD Type, and then choose "Image/Compress all images". Then "File/Save as..." to save the new


  1. Finally run your IMG Tool, open your gta3.img and replace an existing car. Run SA and see your work!

In case your car got some weird reflections, use another reflection map. Wheels to big? Scale em down!

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