Komentarze na stronie w html

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Potrzebuje skryptu i instrukcji do wstawienia skryptu komentarzy na stronie naj lepiej żeby było to w html.

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w HTML nie da rady. http://www.google.pl/search?hl=pl&q=php ... lr=lang_pl

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Ja mam taki skrypt tylko nie za bardzo wiem co z nim zrobic moze mi ktos pomuc?




This is a module that can be placed on any php3 page to allow users to add

their comments. The comments are stored in a file in the current directory,

whose name is constructed by adding ".comment" to the calling page's name,

and merged into the calling page dynamically. (The calling page is not


I wrote this because I wanted a simple way to add this functionality to my

pages without requiring that mySQL be available.

In the message input, blank lines are converted to paragraph tags. No other

conversions are applied. If you don't want your users to be able to input

html, uncomment the "strip_tags" line.

Note that the directory must be writable by the web server.

Put this module in some convenient location and then embed it in your pages

like so:


or, relative to the docroot:

require($DOCUMENT_ROOT . "/relativepath/php3");

Steve Yelvington


if ($message)


/* uncomment the next two lines to strip out html from input */

/* $name = strip_tags($name); */

/* $message = strip_tags($message); */

$message = ereg_replace("\r\n\r\n", "\n

", $message);

$date = date("l, F j Y, h:i a");

$message = " $name -- $date


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Nie wiem czy to widać, ale na forum używamy polskiej pisowni.

Proszę więc edytować własnego posta i usunąć błędy.

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No dobra mam ten skrypt i co mam z nim zrobić żeby zrobić komentarze.