Problem z otwieraniem obojętnie jakieś instalki

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mój problem polega na tym że ściągłęm na komputer rainmeter chciałem go zainstalować wyskoczył błąd odniesienie z serwera zostało zwrocone

i teraz kazda instalke ktora odpalam wyskakuje ten blad :confused:

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Wyłącz UAC w systemie :slight_smile:

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nic nie pomaga zrobie screena tego bledu


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1. Check to see if your current user is part of the Administrators group.

Restart in Safe Mode (F8) with command prompt

Type in net localgroup administrators

See if your name is listed.

2. Check in registry at HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Polices/System

Make sure the ValidateAdminCodeSignatures entry is set to 0. If it is set to 1 than any piece of software (that includes drivers) that are digitally unsigned will be denied access with following “Referral returned to server” prompt.

If you can’t access registry (because you are given same “referral returned to server” prompt) copy the following registry code in notepad and save as ValidateAdminCodeSignatures.reg

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




























3. Activate hidden administrator account in Vista, reboot in safe mode, log in under Administrator and disable UAC.

Open commmand prompt, type in net user administrator /active:yes

Restart in safe mode (F8)…

Log in under default administrator account, go into control panel, blah blah, disable user account control. An idiot solution but it might just work.

rozwiązanie ze strony : … 3a6481e48/

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dzieki wszytko jest ok :smiley: