Problem z zainstalowaniem sterowników VIA (bez instalatora)

Mam pytanie. Ściagnalem stery do mojej karty (chipset VIA AC 97) pod XP SP2. W paczce były same sterowniki bez instalatora i informacja o tym jak to niby zainstalować:

  1. Import driver components

(1) Copy all the files to a directory, e.g. “D:\VIADRIVERS\Aud650a”.

(2) Create a directory, e.g. “D:\VIA_Repositories”, if there is


(3) Open Component Database Manager under Microsoft Windows

Embedded Studio.

(4) Click on the “Repository” and then “Repository Roots…” buttons.

Type in the complete path of the repositories directory,

for example “D:\VIA_Repositories”. Click on the “Add” button

and answer “Yes”.

(5) Click on the “Database”, “Import…”, and then “…” buttons.

Navigate to directory “D:\VIADRIVERS\Aud650a” and

then choose the .SLD file. Next, pull down "Repository root"

drop-down and select “D:\VIA_Repositories”. Click on the

"Import" and then “Close” buttons to close the dialog.

(6) Close the “Component Database Manager”.

Paczka zawiera naztepujace pliki:

File description

This package contains 5 files as described below.


12/27/2005 10:49 AM 38,972 Vinyl97.inf

11/25/2005 02:39 PM 203,776 vinyl97.sys

08/17/2001 11:55 AM 23,685 wdmaudio.inf

12/27/2005 11:39 AM 2,682,708 Vinyl97_V40.sld Audio Driver component

Prosze o pomoc bo już trace nerwy z tym VIA…(nie działajacy mic po instalacji SP2)