Prośba o przetłumaczenie lub

Bardzo bym prosił o prztłumaczenie ponizszego tekstu bardzo mi zalezy na tym lub o podanie jakiegos linka gdzie znajde info o telefonie takim jak Samsung DS 5021D i DS 5014D

Samsung Digital phone, a choice of simple handsets or fully featured terminals with interactive LCD display and programmable functions put the power of Samsung’s IP Solutions

in the hands of every user to suit each individual application.

DS-5000 Series keysets deliver the power of your Samsung solution to every desktop with a comprehensive range of features at your command.

  • On-screen busy lamp field display (in a large LCD Phone)

  • Personal address book (in a large LCD Phone)

  • Faster menu interrogation (in a large LCD Phone)

  • Calendar function (in a large LCD Phone)

  • Calculator (in a large LCD Phone)

  • Text messaging (in a large LCD Phone)

  • Personalized image display (in a large LCD Phone)

  • Easy Conferencing function (in a large LCD Phone)

  • CLI AND DDI information

  • Context Sensitive Keys

  • Speed Dialing

  • Appointment Reminder

  • Redialing

  • Call Forwarding

  • Call Pickup

  • Integral Paging

  • Daughter boards

  • Navigation button


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