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Linux source release notes

by Joe Venzon


The most up-to-date version of these instructions can be found at the following URL:



Make sure you have all the required libraries and build tools. Make sure you also have the development files for each of the libraries.

The required libraries include:

 * libsdl - Simple Direct Media Layer

 * sdl-gfx - Graphics drawing primitives library for SDL

 * sdl-image - Image file loading library for SDL

 * sdl-net - Low-level network library for SDL

 * vorbisfile - File loading library for the ogg vorbis format

Your Linux distribution may have different package names and/or bundled differently. The list above should give enough information to search for applicable packages within your distribution's package manager.

Bullet is required for physics and is included in the source.

On linux it can be installed like this:

 * cd bullet-2.66

 * ./configure

 * jam bulletcollision bulletmath

This should put the bullet libraries into a spot in the bullet tree that the VDrift build files are expecting (in either bullet/out/linuxx86/optimize/libs or bullet/out/linux/optimize/libs).


As of the 2005-10-02 release, VDrift no longer uses ./configure, make, etc. (autotools). Now the project is built with SCons (http://scons.org/).

There are two ways to use SCons. The first way is to install scons on your system, then you can use it simply by the name of the program, "scons". The second way is to use the scons-local package (included with VDrift) which will do the same thing but doesn't require that you install scons on your system. To do this, see the section below titled "Optional: Using scons-local instead of installing SCons".

===Get the Code===

If you're reading this, you already have the Linux source package and have unpacked the archive.

Make sure you've changed directories into the location of your newly created VDrift source tree:

 cd vdrift


To compile VDrift, just use the "scons" command:


====Optional: Using scons-local instead of installing SCons====

If you have decided not to install SCons on your system, you can use scons-local. To set it up, do the following:

 tar zxvf tools/scons-local-0.96.1.tar.gz

Where the step above refered to the "scons" command, you should run "./scons.py" instead.


You may need to use one or more compile options. To compile with optimization for a certain platform, you can use the "arch" option:

 scons arch=a64

Compiling VDrift in "release" mode will turn off debugging options, and enbale more compiler optimizations:

 scons release=1

Note: There are many more scons options, see the scons documentation for more information.


To install VDrift, copy the build/vdrift executable to the vdrift root folder, then just move the vdrift tree to where you'd like the final location to be. Using "scons install" is not recommended for this release; the scons install script for VDrift is out of date and we have no one to maintain it.

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